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  Jun. 16th, 2009 06:51 pm
Well, I figured it is about time that I update this thing, so here it goes! :) First of all, I am completely excited because I won one of Zac Hanson's canvas paintings on Ebay. This is the one that they sold 199 copies of at the Tulsa event and each one is numbered and signed by Zac. If I would have been able to go to Tulsa, this would have been the first thing I would have bought, so I am THRILLED that someone put theirs on Ebay. Mine is number 132 of 199. It will be sent out tomorrow and I can't wait to get it and frame it!

Click to see! )

Also, there is a lot going on in the world of Hanfic lately, which is awesome because I have the summer off and will have plenty of time to participate. First of all, there is Brittney's Spark Inside Challenge. This year we will be working with a person that we have never written with before. I am completely pumped to get started! We could find out who our partners are as early as this weekend. :) I will post more about that when I find out who I will be collaborating with. Also, be sure to check out Renee P. and Nat's new awards site called, The Hanson Only Awards. They are opening nominations tomorrow, so be sure to go over and nominate some of your favorites.

Okay, well I will stop rambling for now! More soon.

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