distantstare: (Hanson)
  Jun. 29th, 2009 11:59 pm
Okay, so I have been doing a lot of thinking about my site and the current projects I am working on. I've decided to make a few changes, so this means that some of my Hanfic projects will be coming to and end (at least for the time being.)

I have three current solo projects which include Beautiful Liar, Under the Surface and He Said, She Said. I am absolutely going to keep Beautiful Liar on the site as it is still an ongoing process. The story is almost finished and I am definitely going to continue working on it. As far as the other two stories, I have decided they will both be put on hiatus.

I have been working on Under the Surface for months now and I have somehow lost all interest in it. My other story, He Said, She Said will also be on hiatus for now. Unfortunately when I started writing the story, I was bored and made a hasty decision to start something new. Now I don't even know where I am going with it. Basically all my solo stories (except for Beautiful Liar) will be put on the back burner until I get some sort of inspiration to work on them again (which may or may not happen.) I'm sorry to anyone who has been following these two stories.

For my next solo Hanfic project, I am working on a story that consists of only journal entries and e-mails between Zac and the main OFC. After chatting with Renee P., I decided it would be fun to try a different genre. I have already written two sections of this story, BUT I don't plan to begin posting it until September (at the earliest.) This way I can focus on The Spark Inside this summer as well as other collaborations I've been working on. Another reason I decided to wait a few months to post this story is to make sure it is something I won't lose interest in as I did with my other stories. As of right now, I am thoroughly enjoying writing in this genre, so I will keep you guys posted on the status of it.


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